Borsheim Crane Service also can handle Heavy Haul Trucking and Storage. We take care of everything from start to finish including special permits, escorting, logistics coordination and even building new equipment to transport your freight. What really makes Borsheim Crane Service different, is that we strive to ensure that there are no suprises and the customer is satisfied. You can deal directly with the carrier, giving you more control and realizing cost savings and other advantages such as:

  • Dealing directly with the Shipper cuts out errors.
  • A more cost effective approach for your shipping needs.
  • We personally guarantee our work.
  • We do it right one job at a time.
  • Personalized service, building loyal customers one at a time.
  • Quality work, professional attitude, up front; no surprises

We can handle all types of hauling including oil field tanks, pumping units, and miscellanious items. We also offer hot shot trucks to move freight quickly. Be sure to call Borsheim Crane Service for all of your Heavy Haul Trucking and Storage needs.


Paul Naseth, Logistics Manager